So I came across this post that talks about the Top WordPress Development mistakes and felt it was a good one to share.

  • Common Mistake #1: Keeping the Debugging Off
  • Common Mistake #2: Adding Scripts and Styles Using wp_head Hook
  • Common Mistake #3: Avoiding Child Themes and Modifying WordPress Core Files
  • Common Mistake #4: Hardcoding Values
  • Common Mistake #5: Not Stopping Your Site From Being Indexed
  • Common Mistake #6: Not Checking if a Plugin is Active
  • Common Mistake #7: Loading Too Many Resources
  • Common Mistake #8: Keeping the Admin Bar
  • Common Mistake #9: Not Utilizing the GetText Filter
  • Common Mistake #10: Keeping the Default Permalinks

I especially like Number 7 which also then explains of how to load only the needed scripts.  It gives an example of how to only load the WooCommerce scripts on pages that need it to save on resources.

The 10 Most Common Mistakes That WordPress Developers Make

WordPress is easily the most powerful open source blogging and content management system available online today. As WordPress is easy enough to set up and has a user-friendly approach, many developers are often underestimating it and so make mistakes in development.