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Adding a Path to the PowerShell User Path Environment

5G Blacklist 2013 by

Adding a after_body Action to WordPress

Adding Validation to a WordPress Creation Toolkit Field

Additional Security Headers

AdWords Conversion Tracking

Attached Uploaded File to Newly Created Post using Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On

Auto-Generate Meta Description in Yoast

Automatic Updating

Bad Bot Blocker – .htaccess

Bad bots exclusion via .htaccess

Change Permissions or Ownership of Files or Directories Recursively

Changing The Site URL

Checking Active Processes

Clean Up Orphaned postmeta Data

Color Inverter

Create CSV File using PHP

Creating a Testimonial System using WordPress Creation Kit

Cron Jobs and WordPress

Current Year Shortcode

Custom Gravity Forms Popup Error Message

Customize the Added to Cart Message

Customize the Thank You Text on WooCommerce order

Deactivate Coming Soon Page at Specified Date/Time

Deactivate post after certain date

Debug Pending Updates

Debugging and Error Logging in WordPress

Delete a files contents through bash

Delete files older than 15 days in BASH

Directory Protection for WordPress via .htaccess

Directory Protection Minus Specific Files/Folders

Disable Gutenberg via Filter

Disable PHP File Execution via .htaccess

Disabling a CheckBox until a Textarea is scrolled to end

Divi Accordion Customizations

Divi Child Theme

Email Function

Encrypt and Decrypt Functionality

Enqueue Styles and Scripts in Functions File for Child Theme

Enqueuing jQuery for WordPress Theme

Fedex Tracking Api Using PHP

Find Files by Size

Find possible hacked files in Linux

Fix Login Cookie Issue WordPress

Freeing Up Space on your Google Account

Generic Google Analytics Report

Get Contents via cURL

Getting dynamic data into JavaScript using Ajax

Give View Entry access to a WordPress Role

Google reCaptcha v3 PHP Form using CURL

Google Tracking Telephone Clicks w/ WordPress integration

Gravity Forms Field Validation

Gravity Form Hooks

Hide Video Download in Divi

HTTP and HTTPS w/ www Redirect via .htaccess

How to Create a New Widget Area

Image Gallery from a Directory of Images

Import MySQL from Command Line

Improve Bounce Rate

IP Address Guide – CIDR to IP range convertor

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Limiting Robots using Robots.txt

Lock Down WordPress login.php and wp-admin Directory

Manually Modifying WordPress's URL via SQL

Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Schema

On Click Download and Redirect to Thank You Page using jQuery

Permissions Fix for public_html and Apache2 Userdir Module

PHP and Google reCaptcha Implementation via cURL

PHP Session Check Function

Published Page List in WordPress

Put innerHTML into clipboard

Refresh Mail Dir Size in Cpanel

Regex Syntax – Frequently Used

Remove Emoji Changes in WordPress

Remove Video Download Link in Divi Video Box

Rename of Project Permalink in Divi

Restart a Node App via CRON Script

Searching the Database Logs for Access Denied

Stylesheet Caching

Search and Replace in Files within Linux

Search content of files in Linux Shell

Search for Orphaned Post Meta Data

Two Google Analytics to Track Too

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WordPress Databases – Using dbDelta

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